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~About Us~

Ashram Farms is a family-owned farm that offers an elegant and luxurious farmstay, provides fresh produce, flowers and decorative plants, and hosts events. We wish to create a healthy, productive and meaningful lifestyle for our family and for the communities in Central NJ through farming, providing healthy food, education and mindfulness.


The farm is owned and run by the wife and husband team of Phani and Prasant, and ably supported by their children, Tanvi and Ishaan. Olive the family beagle, is the mascot and the resident guard-dog against deer and rabbit. 

~Ashram Farms lives by these values~

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle that encourages a diet of fresh produce
  • Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where all customers get a unique experience
  • Building a creative lifestyle that blends nostalgia with a new-age style and presentation
  • Educating and improving our community by introducing progressive cultural values
  • Enabling an organization based on honesty, trust and integrity towards its customers and employees